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Innovation Lab

For your next customized robot application, we carry out a customer-oriented feasibility study in our innovation lab.

From the Idea to Industry 4.0

Develop and pilot the next generation of your machines, factory automation machinery and MRC robots in our innovation lab. Masterminds with well-founded knowledge of industries and pioneer spirit will attend and inspire you throughout the whole development process.

We evaluate your production cycle, review safety requirements and design your automation application. In our range of products and services, you will find a fully equipped development infrastructure for the realization of your ideas.

Feasibility Study of Your Automation Application

A selection of various lightweight robots is available for a feasibility study. A professional 3D printer enables the 3D printing of prototypes and accurately fitting parts such as grippers and supports for your application.

With comprehensive know how in robot, control and process management engineering as well as in automation and software development, we will find the best solution for the implementation of your automation application in cooperation with you.

Robotic Engineering

If you want only individual modules, an interlinking of several processes or a special-purpose solution with the most innovative robotics, you will benefit from our robotics competence for integrated solutions and custom-made products.

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Advanced Robotic Workstation

Fully digitalized robot workstations for your manufacturing and production department. Our advanced robotic workstation is a robot cell based on standardized modules for customized configuration. It enables easy set-up and integration into your manufacturing line. The workstation allows for barrier-free collaboration between man and robot.

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