Your mobile logistics assistance

Save valuable working time for your employees through mobile, autonomous robot systems for your logistics tasks.

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Automate your logistics processes

Our machines love to produce. No wonder that a lot of logistical tasks are involved.

Have you ever thought about linking your systems with your logistics? State-of-the-art, autonomous logistics assistants can be easily integrated into your production environment at a later date. Through our adaptation, these goods are delivered to and fetch goods from the plants.

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Mobile and autonomous

By means of integrated laser scanners and a 3D camera, the mobile logistics assistance skillfully maneuvers itself through your spatial conditions.


Logistics and production communicate with each other through our software modules. Exactly when it is necessary.


We enable integration into existing systems through hardware and software interfaces.

Optimize your workflows and increase your productivity.

Flexible and ready for any application

Applications of mobile robot systems for logistics and transport tasks can be found in all common industries.

Thanks to a wide range of superstructures, additional modules and accessories that we make available to you, your mobile logistics assistance is prepared for any requirements and ready for use.

Automation – easier than ever!

Convince yourself and make your request today. We prove to you that automation does not have to be complicated.

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