Success Stories & Use Cases

Read about the success stories from our customers and discover different use cases.

Success Story: VETTER Pharma GmbH & Co.KG.

VETTER Pharma automates with ESSERT

VETTER Pharma relies on ESSERT Robotics and the Advanced Robotic Workstation in the RETRAYER Edition for the automation of its manual work processes. The use of advanced robot workstations improves { ... }

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Use Case: Machine Assembly

Machine assembly via Advanced Robotic Workstation

In the video we show you how monotonous work steps within the product development process, such as equipping processing machines, can be easily and effectively automated. All modules are predefined within our { ... }

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Success Story: BARTH Präzisionstechnik

BARTH Präzisionstechnik GmbH trusts in ESSERT

The workstations and the simple operation are convincing, says Michael Barth: “The standardized robot workstation is easy to operate for our employees. Thanks to the guaranteed process reliability of the automation and the control { … }

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