Machine assembly via Advanced Robotic Workstation


We show you how monotonous work steps within the product development process, such as loading processing machines, can be easily and effectively automated.

In the video the Advanced Robotic Workstation is configured with a FANUC LR-Mate 200iD 7L and two Flexfactory Anyfeeders. The material supply systems enable flexible feeding of components. The integrated 2D vision sensors from Keyence transmit the necessary position coordinates to the robot. All modules are pre-defined within our platform and fully integrated in terms of both software and hardware. This enables us to offer fast delivery times, short commissioning times and maximum flexibility. Further process modules can be added or replaced without great effort.

Machine assembly via Advanced Robotic Workstation

Please note that the protection of our customer’s products is very important to us. Therefore, all customer-specific components are shown pixelated.


The operation of the system, the parameterization of the anyfeeders and vision sensors, as well as the re-teaching of the FANUC robot can be carried out via a single control panel, just like the teaching-in of new products or product variations.

The two individual parts shown in the video are inserted precisely into an assembly device. We rely on state-of-the-art gripper technologies and innovative swivel modules. The result is very short cycle times. Changing the tool or gripper is also fully integrated and automatic, thus preventing long set-up times.

With this system, our customer is able to react quickly and easily to product changes in the production process and to operate the system simply and intuitively. Simple process changes can be carried out by the customer and cost-intensive technician assignments can be saved.


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