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Rent our products through our cost-effective Robot-as-a-Service rental option on an hourly basis.

Scale your production quickly and conveniently.


You produce!
We take care of the rest.

With our hourly rental option, we offer you a plannable, transparent and, above all, very calculable alternative to a purchase - depending on the application.

Best of all, with our all-in-one carefree package, you can concentrate entirely on your production.

We'll take care of the rest. Promise!


All-round carefree thanks to our all-in-one carefree package

Ideal for temporary production orders

Not every production order is designed for the long term. The rental of an automation solution is particularly suitable for limited running times.

Transparent cost calculation

A transparent calculation of your production costs is essential. With our hourly rental option, there are no nasty surprises.

Service and maintenance

More time for the essentials. Our Robot-as-a-Service rental option includes all service and maintenance. No hidden costs!

Powerful software

The use of innovative technologies often requires the development of additional know-how, our ESSERT OS operating system is developed in such a way that your employees can operate our automation solutions without special know-how.

Sustainable and flexible

Production processes can change. The modular architecture of our robot platform with its highly standardised system modules can be quickly and easily adapted to changing processes.

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  • Simple pick & place

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Average application

  • More complex pick & place
  • Additional camera technology (2D / 3D)
  • Interface integration

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Complex application

  • Complex Pick & Place
  • Additional camera technology (2D / 3D)
  • Interface integration
  • Process integration

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Your advantages

Master your challenges

Skills shortage

Offer your skilled workers an attractive and high-quality work environment instead of monotonous tasks.

Demographic change

Our automation products produce no matter where they are located. Plannable and cost-effective!


Our calculation model, designed for transparency, saves you a rude awakening and offers you planning security.

Shift and weekend bonuses

You pay per hour at a constant cost, regardless of the day of the week and the hour.

Maintenance costs

No hidden costs! Our all-in-one carefree package covers all plannable maintenance costs.

Sick leave and holiday rate

Produce at a constant output despite the holiday season or flu epidemic.


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