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Robotic Engineering

We develop custom-made integral solutions with industrial and collaborative robot systems for your applications.

Custom-Made Automation Solutions

If you only want individual modules, an interlinking of several processes or a special-purpose solution with the most innovative robotics, you will benefit from our robotics competence for integrated solutions and custom-made products.

We use well-founded know-how in automation engineering and man-robot collaboration for the direct implementation of your intentions. Beginning from the robot lay-out design to software initial operation and training.

To Our Range of Services

3D Plant Simulation

We simulate your plant in a 3D model already in the conceptual design phase.

Cycle Time Analysis

Cycle time analysis and optimization are part of our standards to guarantee maximum planning reliability for you.

Robot Configuration

We select the optimum robot type and also the accessories, gripper design and arm installation for you and define the communication concept.

Standardized Interfaces

Interface layout and development according to defined standards. Configuration of inputs and outputs, bus systems and gateways.

Software Development

Offline software development according to universal standards including the integration of various components (cameras etc.) and documentation.


We carry out the whole commissioning of your plants, including production test and operator training on site.

Innovation Lab

In our ultra-modern innovation lab, we carry out customer-oriented feasibility studies for your robot application. We evaluate your processes, review safety requirements and design your automation application.

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Advanced Robotic Workstation

Fully digitalized robot workstations for your manufacturing and production department. Our advanced robotic workstation is a robot cell based on standardized modules for customized configuration. It enables easy set-up and integration into your manufacturing line. The workstation allows for barrier-free collaboration between man and robot.

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