Next Level Smart Services

With our comprehensive digital service APPs, we help you with one thing in particular: producing. Using digital content management and remote service via augmented reality, we are always in a position to offer you comprehensive support.

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Your efficient link to us in the event of a malfunction

Augmented Support forms the basis for advanced and cost-effective remote support of your user or technician by us. Through encrypted video communication between ESSERT and you, service activities can be visually supported and guided step-by-step.

Screenshots, photos and data sheets can be edited and transferred using the integrated image tool. A service report is automatically generated after a support call.


Live Video

We connect with your employees via video telephony and see what you see on site.


Together we can solve them faster. If necessary, we connect with several participants.

Augmented Reality Pointer

We show you via video call in the transmitted picture what you have to pay attention to in order to clarify instructions to you.

Files & Documents

Get screenshots, images and PDF documents from us quickly and easily via the chat.


We use markers and arrows in screenshots to clarify instructions.

Chat with translation

Support via text messages. Language barriers are no longer an obstacle due to automated translations.

Support reports & ticket history

We create an automatic report and make it available to all participants afterwards.

256 bit encryption

Thanks to encryption, your data is fully protected in every support case.

Digitized know-how

A comfortable document management with Augmented Content helps you to build up a worldwide available knowledge database.

Organize your manuals, data sheets, maintenance plans and much more via our digital service platform.

Content Creation

We generate videos and pictures for you e.g. from the ego perspective for quick self-help.

Machine documentation

Your machine documents are always available - exactly where they are needed.

Directly in the field of vision

By using data glasses, your technician has the possibility to work "hands-free".

Access with QR-Code

We link your machines and relevant documents via QR codes.

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