ESSERT Newsletter-Anmeldung

* Pflichtfeld

SIEMENS is thrilled about our Advanced Robotic Workstation.

In a current reference, SIEMENS presents our modular robot platform as unmistakably simple and innovative.

At ESSERT Robotics, Industry 4.0 does not even stop at the control and operation of its automation systems. It is undisputed that much can still be learned and adapted from the private sector.

Nowadays, mobile devices can be operated simply and intuitively, have user-guided learning concepts, have the intelligence to solve errors and problems often independently, provide case-specific assistance and their handling is possible without days of user training. The complexity behind these devices is often no less than the operation and parameterization of industrial plants.

Operating & control concepts from the private sector.

By using the Siemens Simatic ITP1000 Mobile Panel, the technical hurdles for this task have already been overcome and the possibility of this transformation has been created. Siemens leaves the software implementation to its users – with success.

Functions and applications already developed, such as the control and parameterization of all peripherals, video-based service calls, learning tutorials and the automatic generation of machine data, user-based assistance, an intuitive and simple operating concept and much more, were already implemented by ESSERT on the ITP1000 and integrated into the standardized robot systems.

All this in a quality and to such an extent that Siemens seems to be rightly enthusiastic about the versatility and innovation of its industrial operating tablet. The added value for the users is enormous.

Click here for the SIEMENS reference