Higher self-sufficiency time & space saving with the new tray stacker module

Insufficient self-sufficiency times in the automated processing of workpiece carriers or trays are part of everyday life in many industries. In many cases, an employee is on the spot and delivers new trays to be processed to the automation system or accepts finished trays. A high level of staff deployment combined with a high expenditure of time and rising costs is guaranteed.

To process trays automatically over a longer period of time without the need for human intervention, solutions such as conveyor belts are already available. One major disadvantage of these solutions is the required space, which in turn can lead to space problems and costs.

Depending on the length of the feed and possibly a lack of material replenishment, the automation process may stop completely.

Tray stacker at robot workstation ARW with ABB Yumi
Minimal footprint & high flexibility

With our Advanced Robotic Workstation Robot Platform (ARW), we have placed a major focus on flexibility and a compact design for a minimal footprint.

We remain true to this approach when developing new platform modules, such as our tray stacker.

Innovation for your material supply

With this innovative palletizing system, it is possible to separate and process your trays from top to bottom. The essential advantage is obvious: Due to the construction in height you do not only save space, but also your safety concept for your production is reduced locally to a smaller radius.

Autonomous supply

Reduce your costs through automated workpiece feeding without the need for staff.

Compact design

Save valuable space in your production by the compact design of the tray stacker.

Flexible use

Effortless adaptation to tray & workpiece carrier shapes ensures flexible and versatile use.

High autonomy

Increase the autonomy time by easily expanding your storage capacity & create time buffers.

Technical data of the tray stacker
  • Maximum load weight: 100kg
  • Maximum tray size: 600mm x 400mm
  • Maximum stacking height: 850mm (10-40 trays)
  • Also available as drawer version

Due to the integration into our ARW platform, also on the software side, the tray stacker can be easily parameterized via the existing operating tablet.

ESSERT Tray Stacker for ARW with extended carriage