Pipetting Automation

Pipette your laboratory samples more efficiently

Pipetting laboratory samples is a repetitive task that demands constantly high accuracy and precision. With the ADVANCED Robotic Workstation provided by ESSERT Robotics, this repetitive process can be automated to free up valuable human resources.

What is pipetting automation?

Pipetting automation is an approach to bring efficiency and reproducibility to pipetting tasks.

While manual pipetting ties up human resources and carries the risk for variability and cross-contamination, automated liquid handling systems can take over this step in liquid transfer at a higher throughput, keeping your staff’s backs free for more professionalized working areas.

ADVANCED Robotic Workstation Pipetting

Automated pipetting system for improved lab workflows

Automated pipetting system for improved lab workflows by Essert robotics
Safety cabinet
Variable container sizes
GMP Class A Robots

ESSERT Robotic’s automation platform is characterized by its modular setup, suitable for different levels of lab automation.

Customized as pipetting automation platform, the liquid handling robot can take over tasks like sample preparation or high-throughput filling of pharmaceutical products and reagents into consumables in different volume ranges.

Advantages of pipetting automation with our solution

Increased efficiency and uniformity

Configured with a pippet and a clean room robot, the ADVANCED Robotic Workstation can perform repetitive pipetting tasks, working with precise accuracy.

Minimized risk for human error

The reduced need for manual intervention minimizes the risk of human error, which increases product safety and cost-effectiveness.

Modular setup and scalability

The advanced Robotic Workstation effortlessly handles a range of liquid volumes and container sizes. It can be equipped with a variety of instruments to help you with a range of other laboratory procedures.

Integrated ULT freezer

Thanks to the integrated ultra-low temperature freezer, lab samples can be stored directly, without the need for manual intervention.

Safety, regulatory and GMP compliance

The ADVANCED Robotic Workstation helps you to comply with regulatory as well as GMP and cleanroom demands central in biological and pharmaceutical processing.

Intuitive user interface with ESSERT OS

The ADVANCED Robotic Workstation runs ESSERT OS – an intuitive operating system that allows you to control, modify and monitor ongoing processes for facilitated quality control.


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At Roche, we were looking for a modular, flexible solution for assembling different devices and found this solution in ESSERT´s automation platform. The collaboration with ESSERT was characterized by a high level of innovation and the willingness to adapt to the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry.

Philip Schneider
Drug Product Manufacturing Network Technology Lead at Roche

The robot workstation impresses with its flexibility, scalability and integration of state-of-the-art camera technologies.

Arno Schroff
Department manager for plant and site development at Vetter

Applications of automated liquid handling

Automated liquid handling solutions like pipetting automation find diverse applications in labware and life sciences.

These systems excel in tasks such as precise sample transfers, offering advanced functionality.

life science process automation pipetting laboratory samples

Clinical diagnostics

In clinical diagnostics, precision is paramount.

Automated liquid handling systems, optimized for containers like microplates and well plates, play a pivotal role in running assays with impeccable accuracy, ensuring reliable results for critical tests.

Drug formulation and sample preparation

Efficient drug formulation and sample preparation rely on precise liquid handling.

Automated systems ensure accurate dispensing, contributing to data quality and reproducibility in pharmaceutical research and development.

This is crucial not only for regulatory compliance, but also for drug safety and effectiveness.


Genomics, with intricate processes such as those related to next-generation sequencing (NGS), is a field where automated liquid handling becomes transformative.

These advanced systems can handle minute volumes of different liquids, enhancing the reliability and efficiency of genomic research.

High-throughput screening

In high-throughput screening, the utilization of automated pipettors proves invaluable.

Robotic liquid handlers expedite the process of testing a multitude of samples, increasing experimental throughput.

Precision and accuracy are essential, ensuring reliable data generation for efficient drug discovery, research, and biotechnological applications.

Cell culturing and biobanking

Labtech like electronic pipettes combined with the strengths of laboratory automation streamline cell culturing and biobanking.

These technologies ensure accurate liquid handling, maintaining cell lines and preserving biological specimens.

Pipetting automation provides the precision necessary for consistency in these critical tasks while paying tribute to the fragility of cellular material.

Types of pipetting automation

There is more than just one way to automate pipetting tasks in laboratories and pharmaceutical manufacturing. But the differences do not just affect various types of shakers, adapters and pipette reservoirs. Instead, there are several approaches in liquid handling – from manual to semi-automated and automated pipetting.

Manual pipettes are budget-friendly but require careful handling. Furthermore, it ties up staff and prevents them from tasks where their expertise is needed more. Semi-automated systems offer an intermediate solution, improving accuracy and reducing errors while still requiring human intervention.

Fully automated pipetting, as it is achieved with ESSERT’s ADVANCED Robotic Workstation ensures precise results, making it the top choice for high-throughput applications, High Mix / Low Volume manufacturing as well as hazardous substance management.

Benefits of pipetting automation

Pipetting automation offers precision, reproducibility, labor savings, and reduced cross-contamination risk. This technology streamlines processes, improving efficiency and minimizing downtimes, providing an indispensable advantage in laboratory workflows.

Benefits of pipetting automation by ESSERT Robotics

Precision and accuracy

In laboratory settings, precision and accuracy are paramount. Automated liquid handling systems deliver accurate results, ensuring the reliability of experiments and data.

These systems eliminate human errors associated with manual pipetting, providing a level of precision that surpasses what can be achieved by hand. The ability to program precise liquid transfers down to the microliter level makes automated pipetting a cornerstone of scientific research.


Reproducibility is the bedrock of scientific research. Automated liquid handling systems guarantee the consistent replication of experimental conditions, essential for valid and reliable results.

These systems can ensure that the same methods and parameters are consistently applied. Researchers can trust that their experiments will yield comparable results over time, strengthening the validity of findings and supporting the successful replication of experiments, critical for the advancement of scientific knowledge and the development of robust, reproducible processes.

Labor savings and efficiency

Being confronted with challenges related to demographic shifts and workforce fluctuations, automated liquid handling systems offer a lifeline. These systems relieve burdens on laboratory personnel, optimizing their productivity.

With consistent precision, they excel in managing repetitive, time-consuming pipetting, enhancing overall lab efficiency. As the demand for skilled lab staff intensifies, automated solutions prove indispensable, allowing valuable human resources to focus on higher-value, complex tasks while reducing the risk of repetitive strain injury.

Reduced risk for cross-contamination

Cross-contamination is a significant concern in laboratory settings. Automated pipetting systems mitigate this risk by offering airtight, sterile, and controlled environments for sample transfers.

These systems ensure that samples remain isolated, minimizing the potential for contamination between tests. Human contact, a common source of contamination, is dramatically reduced, enhancing the integrity of results. This crucial benefit not only safeguards data quality but also bolsters experimental reliability and integrity.

Pipetting automation with ESSERT Robotics

ESSERT Robotics helps you to bring repetitive pipetting tasks to a whole new level. With the ADVANCED Robotic Workstation, automated pipetting can free up your staff to truly excel with their expertise, while liquid transfer is handed over to our robotic solution, compliant with the high standards in laboratory and pharmaceutical settings.

The ADVANCED Robotic Workstation is run by ESSERT’s intuitive operating system ESSERT OS. This system allows you to constantly monitor your progress and to modify the pipetting process with ease – no programming skills are necessary to adapt your fluid management processes according to your current demands.

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