Strong characters: Martin Rockenberger

27. Apr 2022
Strong characters: Martin Rockenberger

In our series “Strong Characters” we introduce them:
The heroes and heroines at ESSERT Robotics who give their best day after day. In this interview, Martin Rockenberger (30), responsible for logistics management.
Good morning, Martin. Thank you for taking the time. Please tell us something about your tasks at ESSERT and, of course, about yourself!

Martin: Hello, my name is Martin, I’m 30 years old and I’m a die-hard KSC fan. *laughs

I’m actually doing quite a lot here at ESSERT by now. I started out in the area of materials and inventory management and with setting up a warehouse system. In the meantime, my tasks also include coordinating incoming and outgoing goods, work preparation, and quality assurance.

That sounds versatile. How do you feel about being entrusted with more tasks over time and having more responsibility as a result?

Martin: I think that’s great and that’s what I’m striving for. I’m a very ambitious person and always want to develop myself further. So it’s all the better if the working environment offers these opportunities and supports me in my development.

I love the challenge! *grins

Keyword: challenge. Are there any particular areas of responsibility that you find particularly challenging or exciting?

Martin: One of the things I find exciting is the variety. You are involved in many different work processes and have to stay focused and concentrated. Especially when several work processes for different projects take place in parallel.

A big challenge for me is the mental jumping back and forth between individual projects and not losing the overview. I gather information and pass it on, talk to suppliers and coordinate time sequences. That can be stressful at times – but it’s a lot of fun! My goal is simply to do the perfect job.

For me, that means that you have to deal with a lot of colleagues because of your tasks. Can you tell us more about the cooperation with other departments?

Martin: Of course, I am in contact with the design department. Whether it’s mechanical or electrical design. I have a lot of contact with the assembly department. There is very close cooperation here.

Ultimately, this is always about an ongoing customer project. Many departments are working on this project, and everyone has their own special contribution to make. We don’t see ourselves as lone warriors, but work together as a well-coordinated team. We can only achieve our goals as a team.
Even though I naturally like to carry out my tasks independently and on my own responsibility, the interaction of everyone involved is very important.

Super. Thank you Martin. Why don’t you tell us something private about yourself? For example, you mentioned the KSC earlier.

I’m a very adventurous person. I have a very large circle of friends and am generally a social type. That’s why I also like to do things often.
Karlsruher SC is a passion that normally – not so much at the moment, of course – takes up a lot of my time. It started at a young age. You’re always taken to the games, so to speak, and you associate great memories with them, and from that a passion develops that remains unbroken to this day.

It’s nice when you can get excited about something! Last but not least, there’s a surprise question: What if you could be invisible for a day?

Martin: laughs I would wish that! I am very curious and often try to understand the motives of other people. Imagine that you can simply attend an internal meeting of the highest political level without being noticed. Perhaps on a topic that is being discussed very controversially in public. It would be exciting to see or hear why, for example, decisions are made the way they are and not otherwise.

I find such mind games very interesting.

Martin, thank you for your time.

Martin: I was happy to take them. Thank you.