Robotics in laboratory operation: pipetting automation

13. Feb 2023
Robotics in laboratory operation: pipetting automation

Focus on efficiency enhancement and precision
Laboratory automation has made enormous progress in recent years and now plays a central role in many areas of science and research. The benefits achieved by automating laboratory work are manifold and range from greater efficiency and time savings to improved precision and reproducibility of measurement results.

Pipetting and aliquoting of substances are important processes in the research and manufacture of pharmaceutical products. Up to now, these processes have mostly been carried out manually, which is time-consuming and sometimes leads to high safety requirements.

As a specialist for flexible automation solutions, we have taken up this challenge and developed a groundbreaking automation solution. This involves the use of a 6-axis robot equipped with an electronic pipette that performs handling tasks within a class II microbiological safety cabinet from Weiss Pharmatechnik.

ESSERT Robotics Pipetting Automation with SteriClean Robot

Specifically designed for use in Class A aseptic production areas, the SteriClean robot from Stäubli can access multiple source and destination containers ranging from a few ml to 3 liters. It can divide the material to be pipetted and remove vessels from an integrated ultra-low temperature freezer via an electric gripper. The processes are handled automatically, from removal of the medium to labeling, and guarantee high process quality.

The ESSERT OS operating system uses proven audit trail and PM quality functions to meet GMP requirements. Accurate positioning and multiple checks ensure high process quality.

Our innovative laboratory automation solution enables our customers from the laboratory environment to execute the pipetting process faster, easier and autonomously.