Ultrasonic welding of small parts

Master large product variants and high quality requirements. Automate your entire joining process flexibly from a single source.

Ultrasonic welding small parts with ESSERT Robotics


Produce in the highest quality

Flexible feed
Intuitive operation
2 -arm robot
Interface integration

The Ultrasonic Solution is a real “joining champion”.

Based on our standardised automation platform, it offers you maximum quality, flexibility and modularity.

Couple your existing ultrasonic welding system to our Robotic Workstation.

Convince yourself of the innovative ultrasonic welding solution today!

Experience our Ultrasonic Solution
in action

Advantages of our Ultrasonic
welding production

Independent teaching of new components

Learn new components completely independently via the intuitive user interface and our “Easy TEACH-IN” software feature.

You have full control

Change all product parameters or conveniently learn new positions. Without any programming knowledge or additional costs.

Component recognition

Even transparent components are detected without error and can be fed effortlessly into the process.

100 % good part control

Due to the permanent real-time monitoring of all parameters and processes, you can look forward to a guaranteed 100 percent good part production.

High autonomy time

Massively reduce the waiting and presence time of your employees through a very high autonomy time and gain efficiency.


The collaborative robotics and the additional built-in area scanners ensure the required personal protection of your employees at all times.


Real businesses,
real results.

ESSERT’s standardized robotics platform guarantees fast availability and makes it more cost-effective than classic special solutions.

Martin Rasch

The result is very satisfying! We were able to save about 75% of the costs. Without this measure, we would have had to relocate or even lost the products.

Dirk Kinzel
Engeser GmbH


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Moritz Latzel Essert
Stephan Fundinger

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