Smart, modular, scalable production line.

The modular architecture of our ESSERT MicroFactory is based on our ADVANCED Robotic Workstation modules and the ability to combine them flexibly according to your requirements.

The scalable, highly flexible production line is specially designed to meet the challenges of high mix / low volume production and to increase your efficiency.


Advantages of the ESSERT

Flexible composition

Choose from a variety of predefined, standardized process modules or define your own production processes.

Independent commissioning

Each process module can be independently commissioned, fully tested and quickly integrated.

Plug & Produce

Customize the initial configuration of your MicroFactory at any time. Add new process modules or exchange current modules as required.

Manual workstation

Integrate manual processes whenever you choose, e.g. for manual inspection or specific processing steps.

Service friendly

The high level of standardization enables us to provide you with excellent service.

Scalable & reconfigurable

The modular system can be easily extended and allows a wide range of new and future products to be mapped with minimal effort.

Define your processes for the MicroFactory modules

single ARW module for microfactory
Process modules
Advanced interfaces
Large robot selection
Extensive protection technology

The ESSERT MicroFactory combines the capabilities of several advanced robotic workstations, each of which can be customized to perform a specific manufacturing task. One process – one module.

Each robotic workstation can be tailored to meet the specific needs of each production stage and quickly adjusted to accommodate changes in your manufacturing workflow.

The entire MicroFactory can be reconfigured, making it a scalable and flexible solution for automated production processes.


Real businesses,
real results.

The result is very satisfying! We were able to save about 75% of the costs. Without this measure, we would have had to relocate or even lost the products.

Dirk Kinzel
Engeser GmbH

At Roche, we were looking for a modular, flexible solution for assembling different devices and found this solution in ESSERT´s automation platform. The collaboration with ESSERT was characterized by a high level of innovation and the willingness to adapt to the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry.

Philip Schneider
Drug Product Manufacturing Network Technology Lead at Roche

ESSERT’s standardized robotics platform guarantees fast availability and makes it more cost-effective than classic special solutions.

Martin Rasch

The robot workstation impresses with its flexibility, scalability and integration of state-of-the-art camera technologies.

Arno Schroff
Department manager for plant and site development at Vetter

More flexibility for manufacturing

Thanks to the software and hardware modular architecture of the ESSERT MicroFactory, you can produce with unprecedented flexibility. Exchange process modules or the entire production sequence at a later date.

Integrate your existing machines or manual workstations into the existing production chain.

Scale quickly and easily!


Full control at all times

The Process Control Center (PCC) paired with our ESSERT OS is the command center of your MicroFactory.

The Performance Dashboard allows you to monitor all plant processes and bundle relevant data in a central location.

  • Data visualization: Extensive data and process visualisation as well as the possibility to create your own dashboards.
  • Central recipe management: Manage all recipes via a central recipe database and quickly activate & prepare products.
  • Coordination: The Process Control Center coordinates the overall production flow and ensures 100% good parts.
  • MES connection: Central interface to your production planning systems.

GMP pre-series validation for even more convenience

Make lengthy revalidation processes of the entire production a thing of the past! With the possibility to prevalidate your individual modules, you can easily modify existing production workflows.

By providing you with prevalidated elements, we can help you to save time and resources while quickly integrating new or modified robotic modules – for uninterrupted, flexible productivity.

MicroFactory pre series validation advanced robotic by ESSERT
Flexible and modular medical device assembly

High Mix / Low Volume Medical Device Assembly

Discover our scalable MicroFactory solution for syringe and PEN assembly in variable batch sizes as well as high format variance without setup operations.

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