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We believe in empowering innovation by providing cutting-edge robotic automation solutions.

Our standardized ESSERT Robotics automation platform offers the right solution for each of your automation goals in High Mix / Low Volume settings.


Our standardized components offer an efficient automation solution for small / mid volume batches. Put together the optimum solution for your application.

Simple operation

Parameterize your robotic workstation without special know-how using our intuitive ESSERT OS. Minimal setup time saves you time and money.

Scalable & flexible

Plug & Produce interfaces and fast changeover times increase overall OEE. Flexibly produce a variety of products and scale your production easily.


Smart solutions for your business

Life science

Medical Device Assembly

Modular & flexible manufacturing solution for syringes, PENs & auto-injectors.

Flexible and modular medical device assembly

Life science

Automation of manual processes

Our standardized automation platform provides the right solution for each of your automation goals in the life science industry, from lab automation to syringes assembly.

Automation of manual processes through robotics by ESSERT

General Industry

Automation in general industry

Advanced manufacturing solutions for common industries. Process automation for your specific needs.

Robotics automation in General Industry by ESSERT
ESSERT Robotics automation in Life Science
Robotics automation in General Industry by ESSERT


Real businesses,
real results.

The result is very satisfying! We were able to save about 75% of the costs. Without this measure, we would have had to relocate or even lost the products.

Dirk Kinzel
Engeser GmbH

At Roche, we were looking for a modular, flexible solution for assembling different devices and found this solution in ESSERT´s automation platform. The collaboration with ESSERT was characterized by a high level of innovation and the willingness to adapt to the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry.

Philip Schneider
Drug Product Manufacturing Network Technology Lead at Roche

ESSERT’s standardized robotics platform guarantees fast availability and makes it more cost-effective than classic special solutions.

Martin Rasch

The robot workstation impresses with its flexibility, scalability and integration of state-of-the-art camera technologies.

Arno Schroff
Department manager for plant and site development at Vetter

Your challenges, our commitment

  • Staff: The lack of qualified staff reduces the reliability of planning and leads to an increase in costs.
  • Customization: The trend toward product customization increases the need for flexibility.
  • Flexible Demand: Demand shift towards smaller volumes and batch sizes.

Uncertainty in personnel planning, coupled with the growing shift towards decentralized production and heightened customization demands, presents a major challenge for efficient production solutions. We have committed ourselves to this issue. Our focus lies in providing efficient automated solutions for High Mix / Low Volume settings, tailored for the flexible production of small to mid-volume batches.


ESSERT MicroFactory

ESSERT MicroFactory –robotic automation

Give your production wings – with the most advanced production line for High Mix / Low Volume manufacturing.


ADVANCED Robotic Workstation

ADVANCED Robotic Workstation

Engineered to excel across diverse applications, delivering peak in functionality, performance and user-friendliness.


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Moritz Latzel Essert
Stephan Fundinger

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