Companies for automation in laboratories
Among biotech companies there is a huge demand not only for comprehensive laboratory automation systems but also for consumables. Accordingly, the number of companies offering lab automation is extensive, and it keeps growing.
Lab Automation
14. Nov 2023
The brand LAMY stands worldwide for high-quality designer writing instruments with timelessly modern aesthetics and perfect functionality. As an independent family-owned company, Lamy has been consistently committed to its sole production site in Heidelberg since its founding in 1930, thus consistently guaranteeing...
Case Studies
13. Nov 2023
Automation in pharmaceutical manufacturing boosts efficiency through improved precision, speed, and data management, while ensuring compliance and reducing costs. Systems minimize human errors and enhance product quality. Though integration can be challenging, companies like ESSERT Robotics offer adaptable solutions that...
Process Automation
12. Nov 2023
In a rapidly evolving life science landscape, there is a high need for efficient, reliable, and scalable laboratory processes. As research complexity grows and regulatory demands intensify, the traditional manual approach to lab operations can pose significant challenges. Laboratory automation...
Lab Automation
11. Nov 2023
Anyone who wants to automate laser marking processes needs a flexible and modular system solution. Increasing product variance and the need for small batch sizes combined with short setup times are constantly presenting the industry with new challenges.
8. Nov 2023
Automated systems, once confined to manufacturing, have found their place in laboratories worldwide. In this article, we show examples of how robots are used in a laboratory setting or how a fully automated lab works.
Lab Automation
6. Nov 2023
Laboratory robotics involves using robots to automate repetitive tasks in labs, enhancing precision, efficiency, and productivity. Today, companies like ESSERT Robotics offer advanced solutions that transform lab operations.
Lab Automation
5. Nov 2023
medical device assembly micro factory example
Process automation is the use of technology to optimize and streamline processes, reducing manual effort and enhancing efficiency. ESSERT Robotics provides process automation solutions, particularly in the pharmaceutical industry.
Process Automation
2. Nov 2023
The transformation brought about by lab automation has enhanced precision and efficiency in various laboratory processes, ranging from pipetting to data management. We will look at 5 examples of how automation solutions can be used in a laboratory.
Lab Automation
1. Nov 2023
Lab automation systems are a crucial tool to accelerate scientific discoveries. Lab automation, at its core, is the integration of advanced technologies and methodologies to streamline lab operations, reduce human intervention, and enhance reproducibility. 
Lab Automation
28. Oct 2023
How to improve efficiency in High Mix / Low Volume manufacturing?
High Mix / Low Volume (HMLV) manufacturing meets the growing customization needs in industries like life sciences. ESSERT Robotics offers solutions for diverse industries, especially in low volume medical device assembly.
High Mix / Low Volume is an increasingly prominent production approach in the pharmaceutical sector. This correlates with the rise of advanced therapies that are custom-made for a small group of individuals – or even one single patient.