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Advanced Robotic Workstation

Configure individually.
Easy to set up and operate.
Work collaboratively.

One platform – many possibilities

Our Advanced Robotic Workstation is a highly standardized robot platform consisting of software and hardware. A large number of predefined modules allow you to implement or combine different processes quickly and easily.

Long delivery times, dependencies on special solutions and a lack of flexibility are a matter of the past.

More details

Modular configuration

Configure your individual workstation from selected, standardized modules.

Simple parameterization

Parameterize the individual components of the workstation via a graphical user interface.

Integrated processes

Combine manufacturing processes by combining different function modules individually.

Easy integration

Easily integrate the workstation into the overall structure of your manufacturing facility.

Flexible adaptation

By simple parameterization, changing products or processes can be integrated at any time.

Service 4.0 included

All our Service 4.0 innovations are available to you via our operating tablet.

Software is our passion

We love when things work simply and intuitively. Pre-assembled software templates for individual system components give you a lasting user experience.

Our unique software platform enables an easy interaction between man and machine to adapt or parameterize processes. No matter which manufacturer or technology you choose, your only control element is our Tablet!

Your configuration options at a glance

Configure it yourself now.
Further features and customizations on request


Test us and our platform!

You want to convince yourself of the possibilities of our robot platform?

You already have application cases and want to examine them for feasibility first?

Then don’t hesitate to contact us. In our Innovation Lab our Advanced Robotic Workstations are at your disposal for demonstrations or tests!

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Configure now your workstation

Experience your configured Advanced Robotic Workstation in Augmented Reality with our Augmented Workstation App.

Available for iOS and Android.

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Benötigen Sie eine Materialzu-/-abführung?

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Automation – easier than ever!

Convince yourself and make your request today. We prove to you that automation does not have to be complicated.

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BARTH Präzisionstechnik relies on the Advanced Robotic Workstation.

BARTH Präzisionstechnik GmbH relies on ESSERT and the Advanced Robotic Workstation for the automation of its manual work processes.

The workstations and the simple operation are convincing, says Michael Barth: “The standardized robot workstation is easy to operate for our employees. Thanks to the guaranteed process reliability of the automation and the control function, we were able to reduce the number of operators at the machines from four to two. { … }

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