ESSERT Robotics

Software driven automation

The latest software technologies paired with the most innovative robotics offer an extensive range of unique functions. Experience the added value of software-based automation with our ESSERT OS!

All functions in one central location

The heart of our automation platform is our software - the ESSERT OS.

The graphical user interface is intuitive to use and gives you full control over your entire automation without extensive expert knowledge. Change production parameters with ease or learn robot positions without programming knowledge.

With our mobile WLAN tablet, you have your automation and production data in view at any time and anywhere.

Recipe database

The clearly laid out recipe database lets you quickly and conveniently choose between your different products. Activate another product with one click or easily adjust product parameters. Save time thanks to software-based set-up.

Integrated scanner function

With the scanner function integrated in our WLAN tablet, you can capture the barcodes / QR codes of your products. After capture, the new product is automatically activated and included in the process flow.

Easy TEACH-IN Feature

With our "Easy TEACH-IN" software feature, anyone can teach in new products and robot positions precisely and quickly. The ESSERT OS takes care of the rest. You need neither programming skills nor technical know-how!

This feature is available for all our offered robot models.

Data Analytics

Our intelligent performance dashboard continuously monitors all plant processes and makes them clearly available to you.

You have a complete overview of cycle times, production figures, automated error analyses, optimisation potential and service recommendations.

A robot workstation integrates into a production line

Plug & Produce Architecture

The ESSERT OS recognises connected hardware and peripheral devices or complete robotic workstations through standardised interfaces and automatically integrates them into the entire automation process.
Subsequently adaptable

Adapt the configuration of your automation at a later date and at any time, thanks to our standardised modules.

Short commissioning times

Thanks to standardised interfaces, the commissioning of new modules is realised in the shortest possible time.

Cost efficient

Adaptations in the future can be implemented efficiently at any time due to a high degree of standardisation.

Virtual reality for even more efficiency

Experience our automation modules in VR (Virtual Reality) and benefit from efficient offline engineering under real conditions.

We work together on our digital twin during design meetings, simulations, training courses or in the event of service, thus offering you maximum efficiency with the greatest possible convenience.


Discover our innovative automation products

From our all-in-one stand-alone solution to the scalable ESSERT MicroFactory production line.

Robotic Workstation

Versatile and ideal for your most diverse applications.

ESSERT MicroFactory

Unleash the full potential of our modules and intelligent software.