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Give your production wings

Smart. Modular. Scalable.

Unleash the full potential of your production with the most advanced production line - the ESSERT MicroFactory.

Experience software & hardware in a perfect interaction

The ESSERT MicroFactory is completely based on our standardized automation platform.

By intelligently and uniquely stringing together our ADVANCED Robotic Workstation process modules and using state-of-the-art conveyor technology, the modular architecture of our automation platform is fully exploited. Our in-house operating system ESSERT OS controls the entire production line fully automatically.

Flexible composition

Choose from a variety of predefined, standardized process modules.

Autarkic commissioning

Each process module can be independently commissioned, fully tested and quickly integrated.

Increase efficiency

Significantly reduce commissioning times and save time and therefore money.

Plug & Produce

Change the initial configuration of your MicroFactory at any time. Integrate new process modules or replace existing modules.

No down time

Thanks to the self-sufficient commissioning and the high standardization of our automation platform, lengthy conversions are a thing of the past.

Service friendly

The high degree of standardization of individual components, allows us to provide you with excellent service.

A robot workstation integrates into a production line

More flexibility for your manufacturing

Thanks to the software and hardware modular architecture of the ESSERT MicroFactory, you can produce with unprecedented flexibility. Exchange process modules or the entire production sequence at a later date.

Integrate your existing machines or manual workstations into the existing production chain.

Scale quickly and easily!

Full control at all times

The Process Control Center (PCC) paired with our ESSERT OS is the command center of your MicroFactory.

The Performance Dashboard allows you to monitor all plant processes and bundle relevant data in a central location. 

Data visualization

Extensive data and process visualisation as well as the possibility to create your own dashboards.

Central recipe management

Manage all recipes via a central recipe database and quickly activate & prepare products.


The Process Control Center coordinates the overall production flow and ensures 100% good parts.

MES connection

Central interface to your production planning systems.

PCC ESSERT MicroFactory

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