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Robotics automation in General Industry by ESSERT

Manufacturing Automation in general industry

We provide cutting-edge solutions for automating a range of processes such as laser marking for diverse product mixes, assembling various o-ring types, and assembly or ultrasonic welding of small parts. Utilizing our ADVANCED Robotic Workstation ensures precise execution of processes with minimal manpower, resulting in cost-effective operations.

  • Cost saving
  • Precise & error-free
  • Increased efficiency
  • Easy scalability


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ESSERT’s standardized robotics platform guarantees fast availability and makes it more cost-effective than classic special solutions.

Martin Rasch

The result is very satisfying! We were able to save about 75% of the costs. Without this measure, we would have had to relocate or even lost the products.

Dirk Kinzel
Engeser GmbH


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Moritz Latzel Essert
Stephan Fundinger

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