ESSERT Robotics introduces the ESSERT MicroFactory

2. Jun 2022
ESSERT Robotics introduces the ESSERT MicroFactory

Scalable, flexible and reconfigurable

As an expert in industrial automation and robotics, we have specialized in the automation of manual handwork processes. With our ADVANCED Robotic Workstation, we offer an industry-independent robot platform that impresses with its high degree of flexibility and standardized module components.

New for our customers and interested parties is the possibility to connect our standardized modular process modules in a compact production line(ESSERT MicroFactory) and thus automate their entire production. Our solution can be easily adapted to the existing infrastructure.

Today’s industry needs tomorrow’s solutions

The trend to produce many product variants in small quantities requires more and more flexibility, plannability and a high degree of adaptability. Companies are struggling with their rapidly changing product requirements, long commissioning times, elaborate quality assurance and the ever-increasing costs in their production!

Thanks to our innovative MicroFactory solution, our customers can map a very high product variance even with small quantities (low volume/high mix). Flexible and plannable production, as well as further scaling of their production if required.

At the same time, 100% good part production is guaranteed by permanent real-time monitoring of all parameters and assembly processes.

No long setup times, no high setup costs

The large, ever-growing number of predefined, standardized process modules allows a wide variety of processes to be implemented quickly or exchanged as required. The individual process modules are combined by means of “plug & produce” interfaces and flexible feeding technology.

Process modules can be commissioned autonomously, fully tested and then quickly implemented.

As a result, the setup scope and setup time of the ARW Microfactory are massively reduced compared to other alternatives. The result: a sustainable cost reduction with very high product and process quality.

No limits with full control

Individual production modules can be connected to form any conceivable individual production line. Due to the modular approach, manual workstations of employees and already existing machines/systems can be seamlessly integrated into the production line.

The modular feeding technology allows components to be processed in any provision (bulk, tray, boxes).