Strong characters at ESSERT Robotics: Axel Bönisch

3. May 2023
Strong characters at ESSERT Robotics: Axel Bönisch

In our “Strong Characters” series, we introduce you to them:
The heroes at ESSERT Robotics who give their best day after day.

This time with Axel Bönisch (28), technical draftsman in the design department.

Hello Axel. It’s nice of you to take the time. Please introduce yourself and tell us something about your tasks at ESSERT.

Axel: Hello, my name is Axel Bönisch, I am 28 years old and have been working as a technical draftsman at ESSERT for almost 3 years. My main area of activity is in the design department.

This means that we design process modules in close coordination with our customers. Production drawings are then derived from this, as well as parts lists and assembly drawings.

That sounds very exciting to me. Do you work with others across departments?

Axel: Yes! First and foremost, of course, I work very closely with my colleagues from the design department.

In the next step, coordination takes place with the purchasing department or the incoming goods department to ensure that the components to be ordered reach us on time.

In addition, we create 3D models from the design for the assembly department. The assembly team is equipped with the necessary hardware and software and can see on the screen which component is to be assembled where.

Later, in an ongoing project, I then work towards the documentation.

Keyword: Projects. Is there a project that has really excited you?

 I think one of the most exciting developments or internal projects for me is our MicroFactory solution.

The process from the original idea of linking our ADVANCED Robotic Workstation modules to the modules that are now installed in our factory building, which together form a production network, inspires me. All of our expertise has really gone into this, and in my opinion, it only works with a great team and the right environment.

That sounds great! What exactly do you mean by the right environment?

Axel: It gets stressful everywhere. But working together usually works more efficiently and better when the environment, i.e. the work equipment provided and the equipment in the office and assembly areas, is right. Of course, it’s also the case that additional benefits we receive here also contribute to feeling good.

Great. Thank you, Axel. Is there an additional service that you regularly use?

Well, for example, I’m thinking of the optional €50 voucher that each of us receives additionally every month. My partner and I are in the process of renovating and redecorating. So an IKEA voucher is just what we need! *laughs

Very nice! Speaking of your partner. What does your private life look like? Hobbies?

Axel: I am extremely involved in the DLRG (Deutsche Lebens-Rettungs-Gesellschaft) and have been an active lifeguard and swimming instructor for years, among other things for prospective lifeguards.

Interesting. Do you have many missions?

Axel: Certainly not as many as the fire department, for example, and mainly in the summer, but I do have 15 to 20 assignments a year.

Axel. Thank you very much for your time.

Axel: Very much! It was fun.