Strong characters: Kathrin Unger

17. Mar 2022
Strong characters: Kathrin Unger

In our series “Strong Characters” we introduce them: The heroines and heroes at ESSERT who give their best day after day. In this interview, Kathrin Unger (36), Management Assistant.
Hello Kathrin. Good to have you here! Tell us something about yourself. What are your tasks at ESSERT?

Kathrin: I’m happy too. I’m Kathrin Unger, 36 years old, and I’ve been working as an assistant to the management at ESSERT since 2014.

My tasks include planning trips and all kinds of organizational tasks. I also support the finance department with accounting tasks.

That sounds varied. Do you like that about your work?

Kathrin: Absolutely! The variety keeps it interesting and exciting laughs.

Since I’ve been here for a few years, I’ve been able to get a taste of different departments and help with internal processes. The company has been growing steadily since I started.

But that’s not the only thing I like. I generally feel very comfortable in the company. We have a family environment and working with colleagues is fun.

Is the interaction between colleagues important to you?

Kathrin: You are all great! I just think that we are a cool team. Everyone is helpful and you can rely on each other. That is important.

Let’s talk a bit about your private life. How do you spend your free time?

Kathrin: With my children. I have 2 girls. The older one is 7 years old, the younger one just 15 months. There is not much time for oneself laughs. But I enjoy the time with my children, even when things get more turbulent.

I’m glad that it can all be managed so well. As you know, I’m a single parent. It’s nice when your employer gives you the opportunity to work from home or attend important appointments. My “little one” has also been in the office with me from time to time.

The year is slowly coming to an end and Christmas will soon be upon us again. What do you associate with this time?

Kathrin: The Christmas season is a beautiful time. But it also makes you think. There are many construction sites in the world and it is important to keep in mind that you are doing well. I also try to pass that on to my children.

We support two social projects every year and try to give something back. My older daughter in particular now understands this quite well.

Thank you so much for your time!

Kathrin: Gladly.