Opening of the new sales & service office in Cologne

4. Apr 2022
Opening of the new sales & service office in Cologne

ESSERT GmbH opens a branch office in North Rhine-Westphalia.
Under the management of Moritz Latzel, the new sales & service office in the Cologne area will start its work from 01.05.2020 and in the future will increasingly serve customers in the west of the country, as well as from the Netherlands and Belgium. Moritz Latzel brings more than 10 years of experience in automation with him and was already in contact with ESSERT GmbH in the past with his own company.

In the course of the opening, Managing Director Christopher Essert and the new head of the Cologne office, Moritz Latzel, answered some questions.

Christopher Essert
Hi Christopher. What are the goals behind the opening of the new branch?

Christopher: The solutions we have developed in recent years are at the cutting edge of technology and are therefore still very new and innovative for many companies.

To convince customers of our capabilities, trust is an elementary component of success.

However, trust very rarely arises digitally in such a dynamic market environment, so that the analog presence on site is still an important asset. Through this expansion, we want to further advance our position in the environment of “automation of manual work processes” and thus the spread of our Advanced Robotic Workstation.

We want to serve our customers as closely and efficiently as possible. Thus, the topic of on-site service will also play an important role.

We are currently producing our systems exclusively in Ubstadt-Weiher until further notice, but this will not be for eternity either.

Why now and why Cologne?

Christopher: Cologne is ideally located for us geographically. It allows us to serve our customers in the west, as well as in the Netherlands or Belgium, much more efficiently than we currently do from Ubstadt-Weiher.

We have been planning this step for a long time. However, the team that is to set up the site always plays a formative role in such decisions. We have searched extensively for this team and are happy to have found it under the leadership of Moritz Latzel.

Moritz, let’s get to you. What are your thoughts on your new role at ESSERT?

Moritz: Automation and digitization of industry is the central challenge of the 21st century. I am convinced that the use of modern and intelligent systems will help to increase labor productivity and thus also enable established economies to once again become attractive for manufacturing.

Moritz Latzel
The products of the ESSERT company follow exactly this philosophy and enable the customer to automate manual work processes and thus remain competitive in a high-wage country.

The current circumstances of the Corona pandemic show us very clearly how important it is to rely on domestic production. However, this cannot be done at any price. For these reasons, I am confident to inspire many new customers with ESSERT’s automation solutions.

What are you looking forward to and where do you see potential?

Moritz: During the last few years, I have met a great many interesting people from the automotive and supplier industry. I see a lot of potential for sales activities in the supplier industry in particular, since a wide range of preliminary products are often manufactured with a considerable amount of manual work. However, I am also looking forward to establishing contacts in new industries such as chemicals and pharmaceuticals. Among other things, this is the appeal of sales for me.