Rent a robot, made easy with Robot-as-a-Service

27. Apr 2022
Rent a robot, made easy with Robot-as-a-Service

In the case of temporary orders and temporary production cycles, a high investment in the acquisition of a permanent automation solution usually does not pay off, or only partially.

On the other hand, the shortage of skilled workers and demographic change are good reasons for automating a wide range of manufacturing processes in the company. Companies inevitably have to invest in the future in order to operate sustainably and remain successful.

Our new “Robot-as-a-Service” hourly rental model enables them to rent a robot workstation tailored to their individual requirements instead of buying it. We are targeting manufacturing companies that want to automate temporary jobs and do not want to make high investments or long-term purchases. Our “all-round carefree package”, in which the service and maintenance of your automation solution is included in the rental price, rounds off the offer.

Plug & Produce – without any know-how

Our robot workstations are designed in such a way that even employees without special know-how can easily operate the delivered systems.

Thanks to the standardization, your system can be easily and uncomplicatedly expanded during the rental period and adapted to changed work processes.

The integration of further robot workstations, as well as individual modules such as for material processing, function according to the convenient “Plug & Produce” principle.

“Our new robot rental model is ideal for temporary production cycles. In doing so, we attach great importance to transparent cost calculation. The customer enjoys all the benefits of our robot solutions without any nasty surprises,” says Christopher Essert, Managing Director of ESSERT GmbH.

With our new rental model, we want to enable companies to get started quickly with automation without long contractual commitments.